Blackfield V

BLACKFIELD VFEBRUARY 2017 // BLACKFIELDSHOP BLACKFIELD VABOUT BLACKFIELD VBlackfield V sees the duo of Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen return to full collaborative mode. Written and recorded over a period of 18 months in both Israel and England, the album contains 13 linked songs that form a flowing 45 minute ocean themed song cycle. The duo handle vocals, guitars, and … Read More

Welcome To My DNA

WELCOME TO MY DNAMARCH 2011 // BLACKFIELDSHOP WELCOME TO MY DNAABOUT WELCOME TO MY DNAWelcome to My DNA is the third studio album by Blackfield, released in March 2011. Almost all of the songs were written by Geffen, as Wilson had been working on his second solo album, Grace for Drowning, at the same time. The album’s title, Welcome to … Read More

Blackfield II

BLACKFIELD IIFEBRUARY 2007 // BLACKFIELDSHOP BLACKFIELD IIABOUT BLACKFIELD IIBlackfield II is the second studio album by Blackfield. It was recorded in both Tel Aviv and London, and was released on 13 February 2007 in Europe and 6 March 2007 in the US. “End of the World” is a cover of an older song in Hebrew, performed by Geffen and Berry … Read More


BLACKFIELDJANUARY 2004 // BLACKFIELDSHOP BLACKFIELDABOUT BLACKFIELDBlackfield is the debut album by Blackfield, released on the Snapper Music/Helicon labels in January 2004. The album was re-released in August of the same year with an additional three-track bonus disc, followed by a later pressing that contains the album and the three bonus tracks all on one CD. Two songs are covers in … Read More