April 24, 2019

Watch Jess Cope’s video for ‘Song of Unborn’


Watch Jess Cope’s beautiful video for ‘Song of Unborn’ below. “I took Carl Sagan’s quote, “We are all made of star stuff” and based the film around that idea for Song of Unborn. Using abstract imagery and different styles of animation,...

March 18, 2019

New Bass Communion Bandcamp store now open


My Bass Communion project now has its own Bandcamp page, where much of the discography is now available to listen to and purchase digitally (more releases will be added soon). For those of you who aren’...

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"On the Sunday of Life" is named after a 1965 French movie. Dir. Jean Herman and "Up the Downstair" alludes to the 1967 Robert Mulligan movie Up the Down Staircase.