19th March 2024

The Album Years Podcast launches on YouTube!


The Album Years podcast continues, and this time in video form! The year is 2000: that means albums by Radiohead, Coldplay, U2 and more are up for discussion, along with Tim Bowness’ questionable editing techniques… Catch...

8th March 2024

Bass Communion – The Itself of Itself


The Itself of Itself, the first all new Bass Communion studio album in 12 years, and a very experimental one, will be released in May on Fourth Dimension Records sister label Lumberton Trading Company. I’m also pleased to announce that t...

16th February 2024

Harmonic Divergence – Record Store Day Exclusive


One of the most fun and rewarding aspects of The Harmony Codex has been the opportunity to have the music remixed by so many other artists and musicians I admire. The material seemed to lend itself so well to reinterpretation. Harmonic D...

31st January 2024

Bass Communion – Thief of Snow


Back in the late nineties most of my releases were mastered by a lovely fellow by the name of Chris Thorpe, who ran a mastering studio from a farm in the countryside of Nottinghamshire called Serendipity. As a sideline Chris and his coll...

4th January 2024

Inclination (Ewan Pearson Remix) Out 19th January


I’m delighted to announce that Ewan Pearson has created an incredible remix of ‘Inclination’, which will be out on 19th January. The remix will be available to stream and as a very exclusive, limited edition white label 12” vinyl...

2nd January 2024

New Years Update 2024


Happy new year, everyone! I hope 2023 brought you happiness and fulfilment. I am spending the new year in Sri Lanka with my family, an inspiring and beautiful country where human beings co-exist with animals in a way I’ve not experienc...

14th December 2023

December Skies


Challenged by a friend last week on why I’d never done a Christmas song, I protested it wasn’t really me, and besides I didn’t think I had it in me to write suitably Christmassy lyrics. “No problem”, he said, “we’ll get ChatGPT t...

29th November 2023

The Making of The Harmony Codex Video


Miles Skarin breaks down how he created the ambitious 10-minute long animated music video for the title track of my new album The Harmony Codex in this new making of video. Watch the complete video for The Harmony Codex here: Follow...

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