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2018 tour update + share your song suggestions!

17th October 2017

From the end of January, I will be on the road for most of 2018 in support of ‘To The Bone’. Although the tour will be based around the new album, with a fair bit of Hand.Cannot.Erase. still in the set too, I will also be delving into my back catalogue and plan to make part of the show each night a performance of one or two older songs in a stripped down form, possibly solo.

This will make it possible to keep things fairly impromptu and to change up the songs from night to night, some old favourites, but also some more obscure tracks. I have a few ideas on songs myself, but I’m also curious to hear your own suggestions, which you can submit and share here. Please bear in mind that these suggestions need to be for songs that can be practically performed with just a simple guitar or piano backing, preferably something originally written and sung by me (though not only, some of the cover versions could also work).

But let’s pre-empt all the votes for Freebird and Linton Samuel Dawson shall we? Yes ha ha very funny!

Photo by Joe Del Tufo