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And No Birds Sing Teaser

4th September 2020

Many of you will know that back in 2004 I co-wrote a film screenplay with my close friend, TV commercial director Mike Bennion. The screenplay was for a surreal ghost story called Deadwing, set in London with a film sound engineer David as its central character. I started work writing songs for the soundtrack, but when we couldn’t get the film into production these songs ended up being released across several albums over the next few years, notably the Porcupine Tree album of the same name and my album Insurgentes. Now 16 years later we have completely reworked the script, renamed it And No Birds Sing, and shot a 4 minute test sequence / teaser using temporary actors (just before lockdown), which you can now view here. This is directed by Mike, produced by Gaby Whyte Hart, with sound design by myself (look out also for my brief cameo!) We are now looking to get the film properly cast and into production, hopefully to begin shooting properly in 2021. In the meantime I hope you find the teaser intriguing.

And No Birds Sing is a story that crosses genres, having aspects of Psychological Thriller, Horror and Mystery. Reality merges with film and the supernatural when a London director starts to experience strange events and is forced to confront his troubled past. The film blurs the lines of reality, memory and fiction where sound constantly motivates the twists and turns of the action.