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And so ends another amazing tour!

22nd November 2016

My band and I covered 22,000 miles in flights in the first 2 weeks alone, as we played in India, New Zealand, Australia, and Taiwan, before finally arriving in the States during one of the most politically turbulent times in the country’s history. Despite all this we had an incredible time and played some of our best ever shows. I’d especially like to thank my crew for working tirelessly behind the scenes to make every show the absolute best it could be, regardless of how far we’d travelled and how little sleep they managed to get, so a huge shout out to Ian, Mike, Martin, Oli, Beet, Megan, and Ryan.

Pictures I took on tour are on my Instagram, which you can see below.

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We still have 2 shows ahead of us in India but these will be the very last Hand. Cannot. Erase. era shows, and soon afterwards I’ll be heading back to the studio to start sessions for a new album. More on that soon…

Meanwhile, my drummer Craig Blundell has been deservedly nominated in the prestigious end of year Modern Drummer Magazine poll, in the Prog drummer category. Craig joined my band soon after the Hand.Cannot.Erase. tour started early last year, and has made the drum position completely his own, an exceptionally gifted player and a super nice guy. So please head over to the modern drummer website and vote for him if you feel inclined, voting ends on 15th December. Click here to vote.