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And so finally the To the Bone tour comes to an end…

2nd March 2019

And so finally the To the Bone tour comes to an end. 14 months and 145 shows performed to over a quarter of a million people in 33 different countries. Even though I’m ready for it to end and to get back to working on new things, it’s been a wonderful journey with some very special people. I gave up long ago telling the band they gave 110% after gigs, because they basically gave 110% at *every* show. So my humble gratitude to Adam, Alex, Craig, and Nick for playing the music with such dexterity, commitment and soul every night, for being such wonderful touring companions and for putting up with me! I wish them the very best with their next projects.

The show was also quite a technical feat to stage every night and behind every spectacular show is a spectacular crew. So I owe a massive debt of gratitude to Tonto, Ian Bond, Karma Auger, Dave Taylor, Tellson James and Dan Oswald for making the show look and sound as good as it did, sometimes under incredible pressure and limitations. To “Lord” Dave Salt for tour managing the mind blowing logistics of the whole thing (plus to Mike Scoble for stepping in when Dave wasn’t available) and to Adam Mussett (Europe) and Megan Harrell (America) for handling the merchandise. To all the bus and truck drivers; Darren, Anja, Elvis, Richard, James, Steve, James and Brad for getting us and the equipment safely to our destinations in all sorts of inclement weather conditions.

Finally in the “without whom” department, not present on the tour but just as essential to making it what it was, are my friend and fellow architect in designing the show, visual genius Lasse Hoile, and Jess Cope for once again creating incredible animated visuals.

And last but not least; if you came to any of the shows, then I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support and enthusiasm for the music, you were a big part of this too.

Now I’m going home…. S xxx

Band photos by Diana Seifert