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Bass Communion/Precision Surgery remixes on Kurzwellen 8

6th June 2018

Many of you will be aware of my love of industrial and noise music, and one of my favourite labels of this kind in recent years has been the old school 80’s industrial revivalist label Kurzwellen, affiliated with ToneFloat from the Netherlands (who have released many of my projects over the years, including the IEM and Bass Communion box sets). Each of their releases so far have been in the form of hyper limited edition vinyl only releases, sometimes only 100 copies of so, and each is housed in a 24x36inch silkscreen poster sleeve with suitably grim black and white imagery. This time around the label played me a new album they were releasing as Kurzwellen 7, “Hinterkaifeck” by Precision Surgery (Hinterkaifeck being the location of a famous unsolved murder from the 1920’s), and I felt inspired to create 2 minimal Bass Communion remix treatments which are now being released alongside the Precision Surgery album as Kurzwellen 8. Both LPs are out on 7th July and can be pre-ordered from the Tonefloat Store. Not recommended for people who find the music under my own name quite depressing enough already thank you very much…