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Continuum 3LP vinyl now available to pre-order

18th June 2014

After the recent release of the Bass Communion 4 CD box set (some copies still left from Headphone Dust), which compiled music that had previously only been available on vinyl, now comes a first release on vinyl of the 2 albums I made with Dirk Serries under the name of Continuum, both previously only available as limited edition CDs. These 2 albums from 2005 and 2007 have now been compiled by ToneFloat onto a deluxe triple album set (one 20 minute piece per side) with beautiful new Carl Glover designed artwork.

The music ranges from the spacious ambience of Continuum I to the pounding doom metal of Continuum II, so definitely something for fans of my more experimental side. This set is a one-off and limited to 1,000 copies, 400 on clear vinyl, and 600 on black vinyl. You can pre-order now from Headphone Dust for shipping in mid July (it weighs a lot so the shipping is not cheap, sorry!)

Pre-order Continuum 3LP vinyl (clear or black vinyl) from Headphone Dust

Continuum Side A