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European tour roundup, plans for the summer and beyond…

9th May 2016

The extended period of touring that started in January has now concluded, and I’d like to thank absolutely everyone that came and made it such an incredible experience! Personal highlights for me were playing Bulgaria and Turkey for the very first time in my career, and sold out shows at stunning venues in 2 countries that are very close to my heart, Greece and Israel. The Vienna show was also a very emotional experience, since we heard about Prince’s passing only moments before going on stage, and played a version of Sign ‘O’ the Times (which I originally recorded for my Cover Version series) as a tribute to him at most of the shows that followed.

You can check out my recently launched official Instagram feed for some personal images from the tour.

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Next up is a number of European festival appearances in July, including one in Barcelona on 2nd July with Opeth and MAGMA, and another just added on the 27th July at the Zelt-Musik-Festival Freiburg in Germany –

Following that myself and the band will play India, Australia and New Zealand at the end of October. Please check the tour dates page for full details.

In the meantime I have started to develop some ideas for the next album, which I plan to record towards the end of this year. As trying not to repeat myself continues to be very important to me I want to take a distinctly different approach with this one, but I’m not entirely sure myself in what direction things will move at the moment.

Finally, due to frequent requests there will be a mail order t-shirt based on the Transience album cover photo / tour poster. Ordering information shortly…