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First reviews come in for The Future Bites

15th December 2020

Glowing reviews are starting to come in for The Future Bites – in a full page review UK magazine MOJO awards the album 4/5 and describes it as “A great grown up pop record“, opining that “(Wilson’s) solo work has seen him embracing dance, electronica and pop, and becoming all the better for it.” Another UK review in Uncut awards the album 8/10, noting its “beautifully falsetto-iced vocal hooks” and “maverick meta pop”. In Germany, Classic Rock give the album 9/10, “Wilson has never before packed such a rollercoaster ride into a single album…Another triumph”, and Rocks comments that “Unpredictability remains Wilson’s credo,” whilst rating the album 8/10.

Meanwhile the latest single 12 THINGS I FORGOT is starting to pick up strong radio play all over the world, with a special shout out to India’s biggest national station Radio One where it has been play-listed and is currently the second most rotated song (after mainstream pop star Shawn Mendes!)