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God – Panic Underneath The Arches 12″ EP to be released on Tonefloat

14th August 2019

Retrieved from the archives, ‘God’ was the collaboration between myself and singer and multi-instrumentalist Ford. We wrote and recorded on and off in the late 80’s and early 90’s, taking a cue from our shared love of the new wave pop of artists such as Talking Heads, Japan and Magazine. Whilst I was on a path to having a long-term career with No-Man and Porcupine Tree, and Ford moved into the world of acting, God never got around to making a record or playing any shows at the time. But now three tracks (two from 1993 and one from our very first recording session in 1987) have been rescued and remastered and will be released by Tonefloat (TFEP192) on the ‘Panic Underneath the Arches’ 12inch EP on September 27, in a strictly limited edition of 333 numbered copies on marbled vinyl and 666 numbered copies on black vinyl.

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