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I.E.M. – Complete (4 CD box set) repress pre-order

13th January 2014

A second edition repress of ToneFloat’s deluxe box set of Steven’s I.E.M. project is now available to pre-order for release in late Jan / early Feb. The set comes in a beautiful Carl Glover designed deluxe hardback slipcase, containing a 60 page booklet and 4 CDs, each housed in its own mini album sleeve, representing all of the recordings that Steven made under the name of I.E.M. (Incredible Expanding Mindfuck) between 1996-2001.

I.E.M. was an instrumental project inspired by Steven’s love of 70′s krautrock, and the music was made quickly and in the spirit of fun, mainly drawn from improvisations later edited and processed in the studio, interspersed with various cut up voices, archive recordings and additional noise elements. Other musicians appearing on the recordings include Colin Edwin (bass), Geoff Leigh (sax / flute), Mark Simnett (drums), and Chris Maitland (drums).

PRE-ORDER NOWComplete IEM front view

CD ONE: Incredible Expanding Mindfuck (1996)

01. the gospel according to the i.e.m. (12.58)
02. the last will and testament of emma peel (8.10)
03. fie kesh (8.23)
04. deafman (9.06)

CD TWO: An Escalator to Christmas EP (1999)

01. an escalator to christmas (10.33)
02. headphone dust (6.11)
03. an escalator to christmas (extended) (13.04) * bonus track
04. i.e.m. have come for your children (vinyl bonus version) (8.11) * bonus track

CD THREE: Arcadia Son (2001)IncredibleExpandingMindfuck

01. wreck (1.25)
02. beth krasky (0.26)
03. we are not alone (8.02)
04. cicadian haze (6.24)
05. politician (1.08)
06. arcadia son (7.56)
07. shadow of a twisted hand across my house (20.23)
08. goldilocks age 4 (1.12)

CD FOUR: IEM Have Come For Your Children (2001)

01. untitled (35.37)
02. untitled (8.02)
03. untitled (7.10)
04. untitled (12.02)
05. untitled (5.29)
06. untitled (4.31)