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Index Remixes by Pat Mastelotto and Necro Deathmort

9th September 2015

As a follow up to the recently reposted Index video, there were also 2 excellent remixes of the song done by other artists. The first was done by Pat Mastelotto of King Crimson – Pat is the drummer on the original studio version and did a beautiful job, exactly what I wanted, but in his words…“I saw a YouTube clip of one of your early shows and Marco was drumming up a storm and I thought damn that’s what I wanted to do! But as a session man on the original track it felt self indulgent for me to send you back a brilliant song with a ‘drummer goes nuts’ treatment when the song clearly stands on its own as chords and a great story it didn’t need it. But it was always in my head it could be Dave Grohl does Mike Giles over the bar line never stop drumming … I had the multi tracks so said what the hell let the horses run and see what I can do….”

The second remix was created by Necro Deathmort. Despite their name NDM aren’t an East European death metal group (!) but an English electronic music duo, of whom I am a big fan, so I was very happy when they agreed to do the remix. It originally appeared as a bonus track on the digital single release of Postcard in 2012.