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Introducing Steven Wilson’s Ghostwriter

20th January 2014

I’m very pleased to announce the release of my own software instrument – Steven Wilson’s Ghostwriter. For the last 18 months I have been working with the world’s leading software instrument company EastWest on this, and it can now be ordered from their website.

For the first time ever this makes some of my signature sounds available to other musicians, as well as replications of recognizable classic sounds originally created by other producers and engineers. These sounds can be used as part of the fabric of complex music productions, or as the basis for cinematic soundtrack-based music, providing a ready-made selection of sonic building blocks.


Mainly I’ve tried to create sounds that you won’t find in any other software instrument or sample library, but in addition more straightforward raw drum, bass and guitar sounds are included, which can be manipulated via the powerful Ghostwriter instrument interface (which includes an amp simulator, SSL EQ, 2 compressors, echoplex tape delay, a powerful reverb, filter and envelope stages) to create your own unique sounds.

To get more of an idea you can now listen to 2 online demos that include some of the sounds you will find in the library.

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