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Vinyl compilation ‘Transience’ to be released in September

16th July 2015

Featuring songs recorded between 2003-2015, Transience is a personally curated vinyl only introduction to the more accessible side of my solo output, to be released in September release (UK) to coincide with the second leg of the Hand. Cannot. Erase. tour.

In the past I mostly resisted requests from record labels to compile or anthologise, but this time I enjoyed the challenge of trying to sequence an album that would act as a more easygoing introduction to my music. These are mostly the shorter song-based tracks (some represented by edits), so it’s perhaps the ideal way to introduce a friend or partner to SW music without the more “difficult” stuff getting in the way. For once I have also given in to narcissism and put my face on the cover, without a gas mask or anything else obscuring it!

As well as containing a few especially created edits, the album contains a new recording of Lazarus, which I have been performing on tour with my band recently. This new version is based on a live recording made earlier this year, later overdubbed in the studio.

Transience contains 13 tracks and over 1 hour of music. Pressed as a 3 sided LP in a lavish gatefold sleeve with black and white portraits by Joe Del Tufo and Susana Moyaho, the fourth vinyl side features an etching of the original handwritten lyric sketches for Happy Returns.

This is a strictly limited one off pressing – pre-order now from Burning Shed.

Side 1:

1) Transience – single version (3.10)
2) Harmony Korine (5.07)
3) Postcard (4.27)
4) Significant Other (4.31)
5) Insurgentes (3.54)

Side 2:

1) The Pin Drop (5.01)
2) Happy Returns – edit (5.11)
3) Deform to Form a Star – edit (5.53)
4) Thank You (4.39)

Side 3:

1) Index (4.47)
2) Hand Cannot Erase (4.13)
3) Lazarus – 2015 recording (3.57)
4) Drive Home (7.33)

Side 4: Etching