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More details about the Steven Wilson 2016 European Tour

17th November 2015

Some more details about my forthcoming European tour, which starts in mid January: The show will be divided into 2 halves with an interval. The first half will be a complete performance of Hand. Cannot. Erase. (including Transience which has not been played live before), and the second half will be based on music from the forthcoming album 4 ½ and older repertoire, some of which we played at the recent Royal Albert Hall shows but have not yet toured. Those that attended the RAH shows won’t have forgotten Ninet Tayeb’s incredible performance, so I’m happy to announce that she is able to join me at some of the shows to sing Routine, Don’t Hate Me, and perhaps something else too. Ninet will be with us for the following dates: January 12 – Stuttgart, 13 – Munich and 14 – Bochum, 18 – Berlin, 19 – Frankfurt, 20 – Leipzig, 21 – Hannover, 25 – Brighton, 26 – Bristol, 27 – London, February 1 – Paris.

See the tour dates page for full date listings and ticket information.


Photo credit – Camila Jurado