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New Bass Communion Bandcamp store now open

18th March 2019

My Bass Communion project now has its own Bandcamp page, where much of the discography is now available to listen to and purchase digitally (more releases will be added soon).

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Bass Communion, this is my ambient / noise / experimental project, which has been active since the mid 90’s, and now has 9 albums, several EPs, a box set, and a number of collaborative works to its name, across both vinyl and CD formats. Very rarely are synthesisers used, most of the source material comes from recordings of things such as percussion, piano, guitar, choir, and a lot of old 78 records! Many of the albums focus on one or two single sound sources, such as Molotov and Haze which uses only guitar, and Pacific Codex which uses only recordings of metal percussion. While a lot of the physical releases are still available to purchase from outlets such as Burning Shed, many others were small editions that have long since sold out, so the Bandcamp page makes the music more permanently available for those who wish to explore it.