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Porcupine Tree Closure / Continuation Out Now!

24th June 2022

The new Porcupine Tree album Closure / Continuation is out now! Time will tell, but right now I feel it probably is in the top three best records that we’ve ever made, alongside In Absentia and Fear of a Blank Planet.

It’s pure Porcupine Tree but at the same time it sounds fresh, there’s a lot of space there. It feels like a truly collaborative effort, finally I feel able to let PT to be a true band unit. There’s a lot more of Gav and Richard’s personality and craft coming through.

The cover was designed by The Designer’s Republic, who I’ve been a big fan of since their work with classic 90’s electronic artists like Aphex Twin and Autechre. The cover concept is about the idea that people don’t really engage with anything for more than a few moments anyway, and that branding is now the most important thing, something I also explored on The Future Bites. A series of images that are unconnected but which all share the same uniform branding.

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