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Porcupine Tree return to North/South America + New song ‘Of The New Day’ out now

8th March 2022

I’m happy to report that Porcupine Tree will return to North and South America in September/October 2022 for a limited series of performances in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Chile, see list of dates below – these will likely be the only shows on the Closure/Continuation tour, so my apologies if we aren’t making it to a city near you.

You can also listen to a second track from the forthcoming new album now. ‘Of the New Day’ is a song of rebirth, emerging from darkness. In many ways it’s a typically atypical Porcupine Tree ballad, but I love how the time signature is constantly changing, from bars of regular 4/4 time to 3/4, 5/4, 6/4 and 11/4. I think it’s something PT can do well, to create a song which has complexity to it, but in a way that sounds natural and hopefully not simply complicated for the sake of it. I hope you enjoy! Listen below: