Lightbulb Sun

Porcupine Tree // Studio Album
Released: 22 May, 2000
Record Label: Kscope,Snapper
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About Lightbulb Sun

Lightbulb Sun is the sixth studio album by Porcupine Tree, first released in May 2000. Steven Wilson states that, while there is no unifying theme or concept behind the album,

“There are at least four or five songs on that record which I call the divorce songs, the relationship songs, which are all about various stages of the splitting up a relationship, of dissolving a relationship. Russia On Ice, How Is Your Life Today, Shesmovedon, Feel So Low, I mean, the last track of the album. The period in a relationship, where the relationship is kind of… still exists, but it’s in that period where, really, there is nothing left but hatred and despise – Hatesong is the other one. But then on the other hand, there are groups of songs on the album which are all about various childhood… nostalgic childhood reminisces, Lightbulb Sun and the first part of Last Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth, Where We Would Be. So there are kind of groups of songs. And then there’s a couple of songs that don’t have any relation to anything else. Four Chords That Made A Million doesn’t have any relation to anything else on the album, or anything else I’ve ever written. It’s just that.” – Steven Wilson