Misplaced Childhood

Steven Wilson Remix
Remix released: 21 July, 2017
Record Label: Warner Music
Audio formats remixed by Steven Wilson:

About Misplaced Childhood

I was asked to create new stereo and 5.1 mixes of the classic mid 80’s number one album “Misplaced Childhood” by my buddies Marillion. I also completed a remix of B-side “Lady Nina”, in both stereo and 5.1.

Not everyone will be aware of my history with Marillion. The short version is that in 1980 when I was 12 years old, completely by chance I attended their first ever concert at the Berkhamstead Civic Centre, literally only a few miles from where I was growing up in Hemel Hempstead. I went along with some friends to see local punk band The Chiltern Volcanos, who we were told were sharing the bill with a band called Marilyn (sic). Anyway, needless to say I loved what “Marilyn” were doing, and from then on started to follow their progress (only Steve Rothery remains from the band I saw that evening). Often compared to Genesis, I personally think they quickly outgrew the comparison and were more successful in incorporating a natural pop sensibility into their progressive rock stylings than the former band (whom I have never been much of a fan anyway, despite loving the solo work of Steve Hackett and Peter Gabriel). This reached a peak on Misplaced Childhood, which despite being a 40 minute long conceptual work, spawned several hit singles, including mega-hit Kayleigh. It’s also my opinion that the album features some of the finest rock lyrics ever written.