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Steven Wilson to appear in XTC ‘This is Pop’ documentary

29th September 2017

I was very honoured to be invited to appear in a feature length documentary about one of my all time favourite bands XTC, which will premiere next week on Sky Arts, 7th October at 9pm. Directed by Charlie Thomas, who also made the excellent 10cc documentary for the BBC, this is a very serious (but also funny) telling of the story of one of the most creative and intelligent, but also quintessentially English bands to have ever existed. Don’t miss it! In the meantime, with almost perfect timing, the next of my remixed editions of their classic albums will be released on 10th November. Black Sea is the band’s fourth album from 1980, including UK hit single Sgt Rock is Going to Help Me, as well as other XTC classics such as Respectable Street, Generals and Majors, No Language in Our Lungs, and Travels in Nihilon.