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The Future Bites Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set

8th October 2020

During lockdown the limited deluxe edition of THE FUTURE BITES™ has had further content added to it. The exclusive bonus disc now features 6 additional songs (HA BLOODY HA, MOVE LIKE A FEVER, WAVE THE WHITE FLAG, I AM CLICHE, IN PIECES, EVERY KINGDOM FALLS) and 4 extended reworkings of songs from the album, including a 19 minute version of PERSONAL SHOPPER. Meanwhile the Blu-ray now includes videos for EMINENT SLEAZE, KING GHOST & PERSONAL SHOPPER. CD’s of both vocal and instrumental mixes of the album and a cassette of demos complete the audio content. Visually this deluxe edition of THE FUTURE BITES™ is a high-concept piece which has had a lot of thought and effort put into it, and it’s unlikely to be available much beyond the release date.

Available to pre-order now from either the official THE FUTURE BITES™ site or from Burning Shed. Released 29th January 2021.


Artwork design by Simon Moore / Baby

3D box set visuals by Crystal Spotlight