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27th November 2020

The one-of-one edition of Steven Wilson’s forthcoming sixth album THE FUTURE BITES went on sale this morning and sold immediately. The ULTRA DELUXE MUSIC PRODUCT ON OBSOLETE MEDIA edition retailed for £10,000. All proceeds will now go directly to the Music Venue Trust to directly help save grassroots gig venues in the UK.

A video for THE FUTURE BITES track PERSONAL SHOPPER has gone online today.

To coincide with Black Friday, award winning Argentinian director Lucrecia Taormina’s incredible video offers biting commentary on our constant desire to purchase the pointless, heads to Bluewater and wraps the whole thing up in six minutes of discomforting body horror visuals.

Steven Wilson: “Personal Shopper sits somewhere between being a love-letter to shopping (an activity I love) and the uneasy feelings I have about the more insidious side of modern consumerism. Lucretia’s blackly comic video captures that dilemma perfectly.”

Lucrecia Taormina, director: “The track is a social criticism of consumerism and how we fill our lives with unnecessary goods to feel important, special or loved. But the truth is, the feeling of unhappiness won’t go away with the next pair of sick trainers. Those feelings will only go away when we look within, and if we don’t… well, then we’re going to end up with a lot of stuff around us, but still pretty empty. Luckily the track being 6 minutes gave me the opportunity to develop an interesting narrative. I wanted to create a fictional world in which people buy goods and the transaction would not only be money but also a part of their body, alluding to the concept of the more you look for answers outside, the more you disappear on the inside.”