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The Harmony Codex – New Album Out Now + New Video

29th September 2023

Of course I’m always proud of my records, but I think there’s something especially magical about this one, and the reactions so far tell me that I’m not alone in feeling that. So I’m super happy that everyone can now experience this piece of “cinema for the ears”!

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Miles Skarin’s video brilliantly makes tangible the surreal dreamlike netherworld I’d always imagined for The Harmony Codex, watch now:


“The video for the title track of Steven Wilson’s new album ‘The Harmony Codex’ was a project I worked on over a period of 6 months. I aimed for the video to evoke the same dream-like paranoia and feelings of the characters from Steven’s short story, so many of the visual designs in the video reflect this, as they sport a realistic yet otherworldly aesthetic. 

I wanted each sequence to place the viewer inside Harmony and Jamie’s experience inside the skyscraper, depicted as a physically impossible and infeasible space of reality.

I’m very proud of the end result, which I believe works as an effective visual companion to Steven’s immersive, kaleidoscopic track.” Miles Skarin, Director

The Harmony Codex Press Review Quotes

“For the first time in Wilson’s career, to these ears, he has made a record to be loved rather than admired. If you have kept Steven Wilson at arm’s length for whatever reason, try this.”

Record Collector


“A beguiling, melancholic, oblique epic.”

“None of his previous six studio records sound remotely like any other, and that’s exactly the path The Harmony Codex continues on…. epic, complex, uncompromising and unpredictable.”
Classic Rock, 9/10

“A sonic journey where you never quite know what’s around the corner.” Mojo

“A shimmering blend of electronica and prog inspired by a dystopian parable”
The Arts Desk

“Sonically immaculate.” Uncut

“More analogous with cinema than anything he’s done before… its palette is as colourful as a Farrow & Ball showroom.” Under The Radar