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The Last Great American Dynasty (Taylor Swift cover)

31st December 2020

My final TFB session track of 2020 is something a bit different. To mark the end of the year I wanted to do a cover of someone else’s song from 2020 rather than one of mine, and I’ve chosen one from Taylor Swift’s fantastic Folklore album. This is a story-telling song with brilliant lyrics, and rather a lot of them. In fact it might be the most words I’ve ever had to sing in 3 and half minutes, which is why you’ll see me reading them off a cheat-sheet!

I love how the song starts off in the past in third person but becomes first person towards the end as Taylor Swift herself enters the story. You can read all about it at

My version is pretty faithful, maybe a bit too much, but in the spirit of the session concept it was learned and recorded quickly. Plus it just sounded so good the way she did it.

Happy New Year to you all, and best wishes for a wonderful 2021! S x