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‘To the Bone’ is officially released today!

18th August 2017

To the Bone is officially released today! While release day isn’t quite the landmark event that it used to be, for me it’s still a significant moment in a journey that began almost 2 years ago with the thought that I wanted and needed to create something quite different to what had gone before. Now you will finally be able to hear the 60 minute album from beginning to end (and if you are going to be the owner of one of the special book editions, also hear some of the groundwork that went into the making of the album, in the form of unused songs and demos).

Pretentious though it may sound, I always think of listening to the kind of records I make as being the musical equivalent of watching a movie, an experience that gradually unfolds, and where each song is a scene that forms only a part of the whole story. Even though To the Bone doesn’t have a conceptual arc like my last album, it nevertheless still has a strong sense of musical narrative, lyrical themes that run throughout, and many layers to the production. As with most of my albums it may require more than one listen before it connects with you, but whether it does or not (and I am confident that for most of you it will!), I want to thank you all for your interest and continued support. SW 18/8/17