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Transience available now digitally and on CD for the first time

16th September 2016

Available now on CD for the first time, Transience features songs recorded between 2003-2015, and is an introduction to the more accessible side of my music. It was originally released on vinyl in September last year with 12 songs I selected from solo albums (including several exclusive edits), and a new partly-live version of “Lazarus”, a song originally recorded by Porcupine Tree. I’ve also taken the liberty of adding “Happiness III” from the recently release 4 ½ mini album, since it fits the concept.

Coincidentally I’m reminded that both Lazarus and Happiness III were written back in 2003-04 for what would have been (had that film ever been made) the soundtrack to the Deadwing film script I wrote with my friend Mike Bennion, along with other songs such as Collecting Space, and Arriving Somewhere But Not Here, and various other instrumental pieces.

Transience is available as a digipack CD, and in digital form to download or stream.


transience1. Transience (Single Version) (3:10)
2. Harmony Korine (2016 Remaster) (5:07)
3. Postcard (4:28)
4. Significant Other (2016 Remaster) (4:31)
5. Insurgentes (2016 Remaster) (3:55)
6. The Pin Drop (5:01)
7. Happy Returns (Edit) (5:11)
8. Deform To Form A Star (Edit) (5:53)
9. Happiness III (4:31)
10. Thank You (4:39)
11. Index (4:47)
12. Hand Cannot Erase (4:13)
13. Lazarus (2015 re-recording) (3:57)
14. Drive Home (7:33)