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XTC ‘Drums and Wires’ remixed by Steven Wilson

31st August 2014

The second release in the XTC Surround series as remixed by SW is a new edition of the band’s classic third album from 1979, at the time a breakthrough for the band, containing their first UK hit single “Making Plans for Nigel”, and introducing the 2 guitar line-up featuring Dave Gregory alongside principal songwriters Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding, and drummer Terry Chambers.

Released on 27th October in both CD/Blu-ray and CD/DVDA editions, both featuring new stereo and 5.1 surround sound mixes made from the original multitrack tapes. Also included is the original stereo mix and additional bonus material. The Blu-Ray edition particularly is a virtual boxed set on a single disc, containing well over 100 separate tracks, with the additional material being drawn from single A+B-sides, instrumental mixes, demos, rehearsal tapes, and promo videos, all in high resolution.

Available to pre-order now from the official XTC store Ape House (through Burning Shed).

Or from SW’s Headphone Dust store, here.

(PS – All of the classic album remixes being announced for release over the coming months were completed earlier this year. More recently Steven has been working hard on his next album, and we will bring you news about that soon!)